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Glen Ludwig Named Leaguer of the Year

Glen Ludwig was awarded the Leaguer of the Year award at our Annual Meeting on May 26, 2015. Glen took over the reins as Observer Team chair last summer and was recognized for the way in which he organized and mentored the observers over the past year. He also took the extra step of interfacing with the various government boards himself to explain the function of the League observers and to learn about the issues facing each group.

Glen was especially diligent in keeping league members informed on local issues and government operations by giving detailed reports at board meetings and providing updates in the Voter.

Thank you, Glen, for all your work and dedication. And thanks, also, to all you observers that spent those mornings, afternoons, and evenings at those meetings. Your work provides a valuable service to both the local League and to the McLean County community. I am sure that Glen would be delighted to hear from anyone in our group interested in serving as an observer.

From the Desk of Our President...

As we near the end of this League year, we have many reasons to be proud of our accomplishments. This year we tried some new approaches with our Observer Team and candidate forums. In the first case, prior to recruiting and training Observers, Glen Ludwig met with experienced Board members and outgoing Observer Director Camille Taylor to prioritize who we needed to observe, and more crucially, how we’d go about doing so. As a result, our League has a highly focused, intentional approach to observing local government in action, and as we move forward next year, these processes will only be improved upon.

In the case of candidate forums, this spring our Publicity Director Judy Valente-Reynard helped us forge an excellent partnership with WGLT in organizing and implementing candidate forums for the Bloomington city and Normal town council elections. We felt this was a smart approach. We offered citizens an opportunity to attend the forums in person where they were able to meet and interact with the candidates before and after the forum, but for those unable to personally attend there was still an opportunity to learn about candidates’ views via the broadcast on WGLT. We look forward to expanding upon this approach next year.

Our League will remain committed to its focus on local League studies as well. We’re proud of the Mental Health Services Action Committee led by Judy Buchanan which currently includes a program delivered locally to keep citizens informed – Mental Health Study: A Roadmap to Results. A very active Speakers Bureau has already presented the Roadmap to Results program to nine organizations and church groups, and currently there are an additional 13 presentations scheduled in upcoming months. In early fall, the Affordable Housing Study will be presenting its findings at a Consensus Meeting of our general membership.

I’d also like to give a "shout out" to Membership Director Joe Gibson who’s done an outstanding job this year in helping us grow our membership. In January 2014 our membership roster included 137 members, and we’re happy to report Joe closed the membership roster in January 2015 at 166 members - the third largest in the entire state! And we continue to grow - at last count we are 171 members strong!

Our League also knows how to have fun! We had a successful new membership orientation last fall, and we plan to repeat this success as we kick off our next League year as well. Dianne Williamson and her amazing committee have hosted two well-attended and highly engaging fundraisers this year: the December Wine Tasting event at the McLean County Arts Center and the Annual Dinner/Silent Auction featuring the Illinois Innocence project.


Links to Events of Interest

General Membership Meeting
Monday, June 29

Time:  5:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Place: First Presbyterian Church of Normal
           2000 East College Avenue, Normal, IL

The following items will be discussed and/or voted upon at this meeting:

  • Report from our Delegates to the 2015 LWVIL State Convention
  • Acceptance of Minutes from 5/26/2015 Annual Meeting
  • Vote on Joining LWV - Upper Mississippi River Region Inter League Organization
  • Vote on Membership Dues Increase

Below are links to important information to review prior to the meeting:

Please read the documents carefully and come prepared to vote on Monday, June 29. If you are unable to attend the meeting, but wish to register your vote, you may email your vote to Kathy Tosh at info@lwvmclean.org prior to June 29, 2015.